Domain Statistics in 2020: Impressive Statistics and Comparisons

Domain Statistics in 2020: Impressive Statistics and Comparisons

The web is growing at a dazzling speed. Thousands of new domains are registered every single day. While some of them turn into investments (considering that the domain name "" is registered at less than $20 a year like other .com domains and sold for $872 million, domain names are not a bad investment at all), enterprises or new blogs, the rest of them are waiting to be registered by someone.

A simple Google search to learn the number of domain extensions in total turned out to be a comprehensive statistical and comparative research for domains. And as a result, we decided to write this article.

In mid-February, we detected 235 million domains registered on the web using 3rd-party services. We gathered them all in one file (a text file about 4GB in size) and worked on some statistics.

If you are curious about the statistics and the whole list, you can slide down to the end of the article, but before let's give some basic information.

What is a domain name extension or TLD (top-level domain)?

When you try to trade with a domain name (accessing the website, file transfer, sending e-mail), you contact the IP addresses of this domain name. You may not be aware of this because the mapping a domain name to its corresponding IP address is done automatically via a protocol called DNS.

Everyone has heard of the web. But maybe there may be those who haven't heard of DNS. However, the invention of DNS (1983) goes back much earlier than the web (1989).

If DNS was not invented, we would have to memorize and use IP addresses such as 2001:db8:0:0:0:ff00:42:8329 or instead of domains for every email process or website access.

So DNS definitely deserves respect for its age and the benefit it gives us!

What are the domain extensions or TLDs?

The domain extension, also known as TLD (top level domain), is the part that comes after the full stop "." character at the end of the domain name.

For example, the domain extension TLD for is “.com”.

In some cases, the above rule may not work. For example, the domain extension of the domain names of countries comes after the second last full stop "." character. For example, the TLD value for is "". These are country-level domains and are created by adding the country code for almost every country at the end of special extensions such as gov, edu, mil.

How many extensions are there in total?

According to Wikipedia, the total number of domain extensions is 1584. The number of country-level TLD is 316.

How many TLDs are used in total?

The total number of TLDs in-service is only 1044 in 235 million domains. The total number of TLDs is less because you cannot register some of them at all.

You can see it on the chart that follows:

the most preferred tld graph

How many Country Level TLDs are there in total?

As a result, it looks like we can accept the answer at iana page as the correct number which is 315.

What are the 10 most preferred TLDs?

As a result of our research, the ''.com'' extension is still leading and ''.net'' and ''.org'' extensions are following after.

com	135.341.489
net	13.916.041
org	10.428.576
uk	8.493.044
de	7.689.703
info	5.083.380
ru	5.076.251
nl	2.497.149
loan	2.234.088
biz	2.214.607
the most preferred tld graph

The List of Top 100 Registered Domain Extension (TLD)

We share the entire list that follows:

135341489 com
13916041 net
10428576 org
8493044 uk
7689703 de
5083380 info
5076251 ru
2497149 nl
2234088 loan
2214607 biz
2156702 fr
2109954 eu
1910587 top
1804988 xyz
1710236 se
1708600 it
1301244 pl
1077699 br
1039629 ch
 902030 xn--p1ai
 876040 dk
 840227 cn
 819027 online
 791079 be
 772070 jp
 762802 au
 735511 vip
 611682 wang
 583824 ca
 579653 win
 512167 es
 499176 cz
 448669 ltd
 446427 site
 437782 nu
 436159 mobi
 413470 men
 381845 in
 379704 at
 317336 bid
 316930 stream
 306092 app
 276504 pro
 268314 ir
 259252 review
 252699 co
 247016 hu
 236438 us
 222908 ua
 221277 za
 219266 ro
 213741 space
 205377 website
 203347 live
 198960 tk
 193667 tech
 192013 ar
 190131 kr
 187951 store
 187036 mx
 181563 trade
 175566 no
 172770 gr
 171473 nz
 169239 fi
 168034 life
 166542 xin
 154845 date
 148457 tw
 147156 sk
 135228 cl
 126445 work
 125883 cat
 123318 download
 121771 party
 117742 blog
 117245 su
 116786 vn
 116242 io
 108553 fun
 108052 tr
 101429 link
  96558 today
  96471 pt
  94912 tv
  94756 science
  92490 xxx
  92205 world
  89670 rocks
  88017 ie
  83549 il
  83251 ga
  81914 solutions
  81284 cc
  81278 racing
  79668 email
  74972 tel
  74190 design
  70317 id
  70132 london