Hello World - We Have An Idea

Hello World - We Have An Idea

We are now live.

We are making our long-anticipated dream come true.

Our work in the cybersecurity field in more than 10 years have thought us that the most important thing we need focus on is this: cyberattacks will continue to increase and defence is not a one time job.

The motivation of cyber attackers is recently shifting from show, hacktivism, power show or curiosity to financial interest.

Black hat hackers become more organised than ever. Now, their job is to damage the system and gain financial interest. Welcome to the world of digital mafia.

Therefore, the number of targets has increased. In addition to industrial spying, the local e-commerce firms, accounting software and databases have become targets. Such that attackers try to find a vulnerability in every 39 seconds in these targets.

Information systems grew as well.

New applications, technologies, hundreds of integration types, infrastructure technologies and applications roofs are emerging. IoT concept is in our lives for a long time. Cloud and mobile applications have turned into a race field.

The speed gained importance as ideas turned into applications. Therefore, there are many technical loans in the development process.

Loopholes, insufficient logging make targeting easier.

All of these have a negative effect on cybersecurity.

But we have an idea!

To make cybersecurity easy, understandable and affordable for everyone.

For this purpose, we have created an amazing technological infrastructure. We are working hard to offer your hundreds of vulnerability scanning and information collection tools.

We are doing three things better in our own market.

  1. We are offering all critical vulnerability and information collection scanning free for everyone.
  2. We are explaining vulnerabilities simply and effectively and we provide actionable solution recommendations.
  3. We are regularly conducting all vulnerability scanning for an affordable fee and we enable you to monitor instantaneously.

And the most important property that makes us different is having fun while doing all these.

We Turned Our Idea Into Reality

Our work started to bear fruit. We created this amazing system for you. Who are we? We are a team working on the security field for more than 10 years with printed books in the local language and who have long years of experience in the academic and practical field.

Due to our respect for our previous jobs, we don’t share important vulnerabilities we found and our zero-day exploitation codes here. But you can be sure that there will be new ones.

For us, the best investment is the investment for people. So, don’t be surprised when you see our certificates below!

Beta Version

Currently, we have launched our beta version. In this version, we will upgrade everyone creating a membership with their business e-mail to the professional package without any charge. Although the functional tests play an important role in our development and launching process, we would like to apologise in advance for any minor problems.

You will be able to use the following functions before the beta version is completed:

  • Web vulnerability scanning,
  • Domain verification,
  • Timing scans,
  • Regular and instant reporting,
  • Browser security page,
  • IoT security and modern scanning


We have amazing ideas.

First of them is to make vulnerability scans in a faster and easier way. It is near to say goodbye to long, never-ending security scans that have f/p. We are planning to make an academic publication on this subject.

Second, we want to regularly monitor published vulnerabilities by automatically creating the existence of this vulnerability. For example, the existence of a vulnerability is confirmed by the producer but it does not have a PoC code (and we have not developed one). In this case, we don’t need to know PoC code or add scanning to know the existence of this vulnerability as we will provide the instant notification.

Third, we trust the power of the open-source. We would like to publish some of the tools we have developed and we plan to develop as open source.

We will make a cybersecurity academy for everyone a reality to ensure everyone to have information about cybersecurity to correctly interpret their situations.

These are some of the prioritise in our roadmap.

If you have any ideas, we are really excited to talk with you.