How to Keep WordPress Websites Secure?

How to Keep WordPress Websites Secure?

WordPress is one of the widely adopted platforms for content management because of its diverse range of applications, easy and simple usage, and the countless themes and plugins available all over the internet that are compatible with WordPress. Currently, 40% of all the websites we browse through, read content or watch videos are powered with the help of WordPress. However, this massive adoption of WordPress for any type of content also attracts hackers and cyber attackers, which are constantly looking for loopholes in the websites' security. Most people do not take the WordPress website security seriously because they think that their content is not useful enough to lure hackers. However, there is no exception whatever content your website hosts; hackers can utilize your website for a number of purposes, including illegal activities or stealing customers’ information, etc.

There is no doubt that WordPress is a secure platform that undergoes frequent audits by security experts and developers who constantly issue updates to keep the system more protected. However, nothing connected to the internet is 100% safe as hackers now have modern tools and they employ proven strategies to gain illegal access to the websites. Nonetheless, there are a variety of measures that you can take to keep your WordPress website secure and risk-free.

Opting for a good hosting company:

           The most important measure that must be taken during the website creation process is choosing the right hosting company. An experienced hosting provider can keep you free of all the hustle related to security by providing multiple layered security measures. Cheap hosting companies may tempt you, but choosing an experienced, proven quality provider is essential as they might offer routine malware scans, 24/7 customer support and speed up your website through their smooth and trouble-free hosting.

Installing a WordPress Security Plugin:

Another vital step that you can take to keep your WordPress site secure is to install a WordPress security plugin. The currently available plugins are much advanced as they can handle a number of activities related to your WordPress website security. Moreover, you do not need to scan for malware and search for any malicious activity saving precious time, investing somewhere else. Plugins take care of your WordPress website security by offering malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, security notifications, and many other chores, which you cannot handle if you do not have much knowledge about the coding of the sites.

Single Sockets Layer Certificate:

SSL certificate is essential and now a norm for all kinds of websites as it ensures that your website remains secure if it handles client or user’s sensitive information. Moreover, sites with SSL certificates are ranked higher on the web because of compliance and recognition by Google. Due to its effectiveness. Suppose a website is accepting payments directly and users submit their credit card details. In that case, SSL must be installed to encrypt all sensitive and account information of the user floating between the client and your web server. 

Apart from the important measures mentioned above, every WordPress user can take various other steps to keep their data, client’s information, and website safe and secure from any external threats. Other options include:

  • Using a strong password.

  • Disabling the file editing option in the appearance tab.

  • Modifying the WP-login URL.

  • Limiting the attempt to sign in.

One of the critical points to keep your WordPress website security is to update to its most recent version.

Vulnerability Scan For Wordpress Website

WordPress is easy-to-use and it is the content management system that is used by 40% of all websites. So, it is understandable if you don’t want to create a website from the beginning to ensure its safety. Instead, you can utilize WordPress vulnerability scanner tools we offer for free.

We have over 40 WordPress Vulnerability Scanner Tools. You can check the list and scan your website using the related tools. You can find the most frequently used tools below. Additionally, we invite you to S4E:Shelter Automated Web Vulnerability Scanner to make your vulnerability scanning process automated. This way, you can save time and we will do the job for you!

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