List of Information Gathering Tools

Gather information from your domain or any IP. Learn what an attacker can learn. Check your systems healty.

List of Information Gathering Tools as Table





DNS Lookups
DNS A Record Lookup Any system or anyone who wants to access your domain has to resolve your A records. These records point to IPv4 addresses. You can make an online DNS A record lookup, and check IPv4 address of your domain. No Yes
DNS MX Record Lookup You must have an MX record to send or receive e-mail from your domain's email addresses. You can check if your MX records are set correctly with this tool. No Yes
DNS NS Record Lookup NS or Nameserver records point to a DNS server for domain and subdomains. So those who want to access your domain or subdomains are directed to a DNS server that holds IP-domain matching. Check your NS records with NS Record lookup tool. No Yes
DNS ANY Record Query An ANY DNS query is used to get all DNS records available for a specific domain name. Let's check what DNS records are answered to ANY DNS query for your domain. Make an ANY DNS request with this tool. No Yes
DNS TXT Record Lookup TXT records are used to keep text values related to your domain name. This type of record usually used for, proof for ownership of domain (google, yandex verification), Sender Policy Framework (SPF) records or DKIM. Check your TXT records with TXT record lookup tool. No Yes
DNS AAAA Record Lookup (IPv6) A DNS AAAA (Address for IPv6) records hold IPv6 address or addresses related to your domain. Get your domain IPv6 address with AAAA record lookup tool. No Yes
DNS Zone Transfer Checker DNS servers share zones using AXFR protocol. If it's misconfigured, attackers can get all DNS information related to your domain. Yes Yes
DNS CNAME Record Lookup CNAME (Canonical Name) is a type of DNS record that used as alias for another domain. No Yes
Threat Intel
Technology Identifier How much do you think a person can retrieve information about the technologies you use on your website? Your web servers, JavaScript libraries, analytical codes, programming language, operating system are only a few of them. Yes Yes
Subdomain Finder Subdomains often address different sections of a website (blog, e-mail, admin panel or another application). Each subdomain could be a new attack vector for you. Yes Yes
Network Scan
Top 10 TCP Ports Scanner You need to know which services and ports are accessible over the internet. Because an attacker can easily learn. Check your top 10 tcp open ports with online port scanning tools. Yes Yes
Top 10 UDP Ports Scanner You need to know which services and ports are accessible over the internet. Do not forget UDP protoco ! Check your top 10 udp open ports with online port scanning tools. Yes Yes
TCP Full Port Scan Use this service if you want to see scan all port. If changes are made regularly on the server, it is a great advantage to use full port tcp scan. Yes Yes
Send Ping Online ICMP protocol is used to check whether the system is alive or for debugging. You can send PING packages to the target system by using PING tool. No Yes
Other Information Gathering Scans
Allowed HTTP Methods You can learn which HTTP methods are used for supporting your website with this tool. Yes Yes
HTML Links Extractor Extract links from web page source (HTML) and check for anomalies. No No

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