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Cybersecurity Awareness
Education and Evaluation

S4E:Education is a security awareness training platform that helps you learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity using quizzes and social engineering attacks.

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All You Need To Understand Security

Technology is continuously changing, and cyber attackers record changes that threaten your assets’ security. So, in order to catch up with those changes and protect yourself, the first step is cybersecurity awareness.

S4E:Education is a cybersecurity awareness training quiz platform that helps you learn about the fundamentals of cybersecurity using quizzes and social engineering attacks. Mistakes happen in our everyday lives. However, when it comes to cybersecurity, the stakes might be high. So, it is essential to know at least the basic level of cybersecurity.

No worries! With the help of S4E:Education Cybersecurity Awareness Training Quiz, you can learn about cybersecurity fundamentals and help your colleagues and employees be more aware of cyber-attacks.

You are invited to take our cybersecurity awareness test and learn about cybersecurity in a broad manner. Knowing the fundamentals of cybersecurity and increasing your and your team’s awareness of cybersecurity would create a dramatic change when it comes to protecting your assets online.

Cybersecurity Awareness Journey

We specifically designed S4E:Education to help you in your cybersecurity awareness journey.

Training Quiz

You can always come back here and take the cybersecurity awareness training quiz as much as you need.

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The New Generation
Of Cybersecurity Awareness Test

Continuous Learning

How much do you know about cybersecurity?

Can you protect yourself and your assets against cyber-attacks?

Create a cybersecurity awareness training quiz as you need. Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity from articles and videos, and share them with your team and employees.

Use Real Social Engineering Attacks *

Is it possible for you and your team to tell the difference between phishing and real emails?

Create fake emails or malware to test your team's awareness score. Discover the insights of the tactics malicious hackers might use to turn your disadvantages into knowledge.

Risk Score of Human Error

Get the overall risk score of your business against social engineering attacks. Learn about the stakes when it comes to human error and take action accordingly. Increase your cybersecurity awareness and share your knowledge with your team to protect your business and assets before encountering any cyber-attack.

Try it out for free

Get started and learn cybersecurity for free. No ads, no credit card required. Use our basic package for free.

* Some features of S4E:Equality are in still under development.