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S4E:Equality is an easy-to-use, free repository of vulnerability assessment tools.

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Including web application security

S4E:Equality allows you to check up-to-date vulnerabilities free of charge, with new vulnerability scanning tools added every week. It helps you solve vulnerabilities quickly and easily with its distributed architecture and detailed outputs.

Web Application Vulnerabilities

In addition to open-source software, you can scan your web application vulnerabilities with software we have developed. Use S4E:Equality to scan your web application's most known vulnerabilities, such as SQL Injection, XSS, LFI, Command Injection.

Health Check and Monitor

S4E:Equality has lots of monitoring tools for any asset accessible over the internet. Check your open services, DNS health, SSL configuration with S4E:Equality.

Two Things You Need to Know

As Security for Everyone, we are aware of the importance of cybersecurity and keeping your assets secure against any malicious activities. We stand behind our idea of “a digital asset owner shouldn’t be a cybersecurity expert to prevent a cyber-attack happening”. Therefore, we strive to make cybersecurity understandable, manageable and affordable to everyone. That’s why S4E:Equality vulnerability assessment tools are free. To keep providing free vulnerability scanner to you, we had to put some limits for the two reasons below.


To prevent malicious use of our system, you need to verify your asset. It's the only necessity to use some vulnerability scanning tools. To verify an asset this, you need to sign up and perform two simple steps. You do not need to verify an asset or become a member to use information-gathering tools.

Daily Limits

We provide a free service with no surprise payments or ads. We are spending huge amount of money for servers and third services costs. In order to provide equal service to everyone, S4E:Equality is subject to daily usage limits.

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