free tools for security assessments

Free Tools For
Security Assessments

S4E:Equalityis a free repository of cybersecurity assessment tools for vulnerability scanning.

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Two Things You Need to Know

We strive to make your cyber security understandable and affordable to everyone. S4E:Equality is therefore free. But we have some limits for two reasons. Legal/Ethics and Expenses


To prevent malicious use of our system, you need to verify your asset. It's the only neccessary to use vulnerability scanning tools. To verify an asset this, you need to sign up and perform two simple steps. You do not need to verify an asset or become a member to use information gathering tools.

Daily Limits

We provide a free service with no surprise payments or ads. We are spending huge amount of money for servers and third services costs. In order to provide equal service to everyone, S4E:Equality is subject to daily usage limits.

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Get started and check your assets security for free.No ads, no credit card required. Use our basic package for free.

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