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Automated Security Assessment

S4E:Shelter detects the tech stack of your assets and their security vulnerabilities using machine learning, and offers actionable solutions to you. Your security is up to date.

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s4e:shelter security for everyone

Identify And Remediate Cyber Security Risk

The Shelter is the business part of our motto: security for everyone. With Shelter, you can reveal cybersecurity risks to your business. It detects vulnerabilities completely automatically and offers actionable solutions. Here are three key features:

  • Fully Automated Add your domain and verify that you own it with two simple steps. That's all you need to use Shelter.
  • A Smart Engine S4E:Shelter uses artificial intelligence techniques to find your vulnerabilities the most accurate way.
  • Super Flexible Engine and Smart Outputs It's super easy to start a manual control. Just select the tool you need and click the scan button.
S4E: Shelter has a super optimized vulnerability assessment engine

The Most Flexible Engine and The Best Outputs In The Market

Using our self-developed and open-source cybersecurity controls, S4E: Shelter has a super optimized vulnerability assessment engine. You can start using it within minutes. It is effortless to use, does not require any technical knowledge. But if you have any questions, we are always here to help.

  • Advanced Output Get video outputs and detailed PDF reports for each scan.
  • Always Up To Date Every week, we add new vulnerability and risk controls to automatically scan your assets.
  • Expert Team Our team of certified ethical hackers are working to help you to make your applications secure, with actionable solution advices for each control. The team creates weekly cybersecurity reports for your business.

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