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One API to Rule Them All

S4E:Solidarity is an API gateway to make the cybersecurity process easier for apps.
So, developers can integrate the vulnerability scanning into their development cycle.

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Secure Change Management

Secure Change Management

Manage and monitor the security of your applications in every change. Each change means there is a possible vulnerability that could harm you in a way. So, monitoring your changes for weak points in every way possible is vital for your apps. With S4E:Solidarity Vulnerability Scanning API service, you can do scan your applications vulnerabilities using a simple API call for free.

Fast Vulnerability Detection

Fast Vulnerability Detection

Create your own set of security scanning tools with Security for Everyone’s vulnerability scanning API and use them as you want. S4E:Solidarity Vulnerability Scanning API allows you to customize and prioritize your vulnerability scanning according to your needs. Launch and check your vulnerabilities super fast using documentation.

Easy Fix, Less Risk

Easy Fix
Less Risk

Fix your code before production. Reduce your patching cost and security risk. It is much harder and riskier to patch the vulnerabilities once you publish your changes. Vulnerabilities in the production cost you more than they should have been in the development. So, to keep your costs low, S4E:Solidarity Vulnerability Scanning API helps you catch your vulnerabilities and fix them before publishing your application.

Integration For More Security For Everyone

Choose a package from the selection of S4E packages according to your daily scanning needs. Then, launch the scans over vulnerability scanning API super quickly using our documentation. You will have over 1500+ scanning tools that you can use with a simple API request as a S4E:Solidarity Vulnerability Scanning API user. You may need to verify your assets to be able to use all scanning tools with vulnerability scanning API.

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