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DNS A Record Lookup Detail

Any system or anyone who wants to access your domain has to resolve your A records. These records point to IPv4 addresses. You can make an online DNS A record lookup, and check IPv4 address of your domain.

What is DNS ?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a service that translates domain names into IP addresses. Users can easily remember domain names, but he computers understand IP addresses that’s why we need DNS. For example, without this service, you have to type '' in your browser instead of www.facebook.com to access Facebook. IP - Domain mappings are kept on DNS servers. You can query those matches on securityforeveryone.com

There is two type of IP addresses IPv4, and IPv6. IPv4 address looks like these:


IPv6 addressed looks like these (all of them are the same IP):


What is DNS A RECORD ?

DNS A record maps a domain to an IP address. “A record” stands for “address record” and to use a domain name, it must have an A record.

In order for people to access your domain name, your domain name needs to have a correct A record.

DNS A record must have a valid IPv4 address. Usually, domains have only one IPv4 address in their A records. But it can be more than one to provide redundancy.

How to Do DNS A Record Lookup?

Pretty Simple. Use our free and online DNS A Record lookup tool. Write your domain on the form on top of the page.

If you are using a Linux or an OS X operating system, open terminal and type dig -t a yourdomain.com. If your domain has a valid A record, it would look like that:

            dig -t a securityforeveryone.com
            ;; ANSWER SECTION:
            securityforeveryone.com. 300	IN	A

If you are using Windows open powershell and type Resolve-DnsName -Name yourdomain.com -Type A

Some Advice for Common Problems

If DNS A Record doesn't look the way you want, there are a few things you can do.

  1. Make sure your domain name' A record is in the right place. To do this, check NS Record. Then make sure that the NS server is correct.
  2. If your NS server looks correct, enter an A record on that server for your domain. If you are using providers such as godaddy, linode, digital ocean, bluehost, hostgator, you can control these settings from their user console.
  3. DNS changes may take some time. Check back after a while.
  4. The A record looks correct, but you still can't access it. Check the service settings (such as web server settings).

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