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CVE-2024-20767 Scanner

CVE-2024-20767 scanner - Arbitrary File Read vulnerability in Adobe ColdFusion


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Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial rapid web-application development platform created by Adobe. It is widely used by developers to build and deploy powerful web applications and services. Common users include web developers, IT professionals, and enterprises that require robust web application performance. ColdFusion simplifies the connection to databases, enhances coding productivity, and provides built-in support for various protocols and services. It is used in industries where dynamic web application functionalities are critical.

The vulnerability allows an attacker to read arbitrary files on the affected system. Exploitation does not require user interaction, making it particularly dangerous. The vulnerability is due to improper access control, which allows unauthorized access to sensitive files. If exploited, it can lead to significant information disclosure.

The vulnerability is found in the ColdFusion admin API endpoint /CFIDE/adminapi/_servermanager/servermanager.cfc with the method getHeartBeat. The endpoint improperly validates input, allowing directory traversal. This can be exploited by attackers to read sensitive files like /etc/passwd by manipulating the request parameters. The lack of sufficient access control checks is the root cause of this issue. Attackers can bypass security measures and gain unauthorized access to the file system.

Exploiting this vulnerability could result in unauthorized access to sensitive files, leading to information disclosure. Attackers could read configuration files, user data, and other critical information stored on the server. This can facilitate further attacks, including privilege escalation, and compromise the confidentiality of the data. Organizations could face data breaches and significant security incidents as a result.

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