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CVE-2021-26295 Scanner

Detects 'Deserialization of Untrusted Data' vulnerability in Apache OFBiz affects v. 17.12.01 to 17.12.05.


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Apache OFBiz is an open-source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed for businesses of all sizes. It offers a suite of tools that enable companies to manage various aspects of their operations, such as accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing, all in one place. OFBiz is a versatile platform that is customizable to meet specific business needs, making it an ideal choice for many organizations around the world.

Recently, a critical vulnerability has been discovered in Apache OFBiz, dubbed CVE-2021-26295. This vulnerability is related to the unsafe deserialization of user input, a common issue in software development that can be exploited by attackers to take control of a system. Specifically, this vulnerability allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code remotely without any user interaction.

If exploited, this vulnerability can lead to serious consequences for businesses using Apache OFBiz. Attackers can take over the system, steal sensitive data, modify records, or even cause a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. Given that OFBiz is widely used in many industries, it is imperative that businesses take this vulnerability seriously and act fast to protect their digital assets.

In conclusion, it is essential for businesses using Apache OFBiz to take proactive steps to protect themselves from the CVE-2021-26295 vulnerability. The platform offers advanced features that can help businesses quickly identify vulnerabilities in their digital assets, including Apache OFBiz. By using this platform, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their systems are secure from cyber threats. Don't delay, act now to secure your operations before it's too late!



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