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CVE-2024-21683 Scanner

CVE-2024-21683 scanner - Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server


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Atlassian Confluence Data Center and Server is a widely used collaboration tool that helps teams to share and work together on content. It's used by organizations of all sizes for project management, documentation, and knowledge sharing. Confluence integrates with various Atlassian products and offers robust features for managing content and workflows. It is typically deployed in enterprise environments where data security is critical. Administrators and IT professionals manage and configure Confluence to meet organizational requirements.

The Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in Confluence Data Center and Server allows authenticated attackers to execute arbitrary code on the server. This could lead to unauthorized control over the application and its data. The vulnerability is particularly dangerous because it can be exploited to run malicious commands. This issue significantly compromises the security and integrity of the affected systems.

The vulnerability resides in the Confluence Data Center and Server's plugin management functionality. An authenticated attacker can exploit this by uploading a malicious script via the /admin/plugins/newcode/addlanguage.action endpoint. The uploaded script is then executed by the server, leading to arbitrary code execution. The vulnerable parameter is the languageFile in the form-data. This process bypasses normal security checks due to improper handling of multipart form data.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to full control over the affected server, allowing attackers to perform malicious activities such as data theft, system manipulation, and launching further attacks within the network. It can result in significant data breaches, service disruption, and loss of sensitive information. The compromised system could be used as a launchpad for additional attacks on the organization's infrastructure.

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