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Detects 'SQL Injection' vulnerability in Bank Locker Management System affects v. 1.0


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The Bank Locker Management System is a web application developed by PHPGurukul, intended for banks to manage their locker services efficiently. It enables bank employees to allocate lockers to customers, manage locker access, and maintain records of locker operations. This software aims to simplify and streamline the management of bank lockers, reducing manual effort and increasing operational efficiency. As a critical component of banking operations, it handles sensitive customer information and financial data. Its widespread usage among banking institutions makes it a valuable target for attackers.

The vulnerability in the Bank Locker Management System allows for SQL Injection (SQLi), a critical security flaw. It arises due to insufficient input validation for the username parameter in the login functionality. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by crafting malicious SQL queries that are executed by the application's backend database. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive data, manipulation of database contents, or even taking control of the database server.

Specifically, the vulnerability exists in the index.php file of the Bank Locker Management System's login component. By manipulating the 'username' input field, attackers can inject arbitrary SQL commands which the system executes. This issue indicates a lack of proper sanitization or prepared statements in handling user inputs. As a result, attackers can bypass authentication, access or modify user data, and perform unauthorized operations within the system.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have severe consequences including theft of sensitive personal and financial information of bank customers, unauthorized transactions, and manipulation of banking records. It could also lead to the complete compromise of the bank's data integrity, undermining customer trust and potentially leading to significant financial and reputational damage to the institution.

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