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CVE-2024-31850 scanner - Path Traversal vulnerability in CData Arc


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CData Arc is a software platform used by organizations to streamline and automate data integration and exchange processes. It's widely used in industries that require secure and efficient data handling, such as finance, healthcare, and supply chain management. CData Arc offers robust tools for data transformation, connectivity, and workflow automation. It supports various protocols and standards to ensure interoperability with different systems. The software is designed to enhance productivity by reducing manual data handling and improving data accuracy.

The vulnerability detected in CData Arc is a path traversal issue. This flaw allows an unauthenticated remote attacker to manipulate file paths to access restricted directories and files. Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information. It poses a high risk due to its potential impact on data confidentiality and system integrity.

The path traversal vulnerability in CData Arc affects versions prior to 23.4.8839 when using the embedded Jetty server. An attacker can exploit this by sending crafted requests that traverse directories to access sensitive files. The vulnerable endpoint is /ui/..\src\getSettings.rsb?@json, which improperly handles the traversal sequences. Successful exploitation results in unauthorized access to internal settings files, potentially exposing critical configuration details. This vulnerability is identified by matching specific response headers and body content indicating a successful file retrieval.

Exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to significant security breaches. Attackers may gain access to sensitive configuration files, leading to information disclosure. This could facilitate further attacks such as credential theft or unauthorized system modifications. Additionally, the exposure of internal settings may enable attackers to manipulate system behavior or escalate privileges within the application.

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