DNS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Detection Scanner

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DNS Web Application Firewall (WAF) Detection Scanner Detail

In order to bypass the WAF, it is important to determine the WAF used in the system first.

What is WAF?

The system that protects web applications against web vulnerabilities is called a web application firewall (WAF).

The chosen waf must provide protection against the following vulnerabilities.

  1. SQL İnjection
  2. Cross-Site Scripting
  3. Command İnjection
  4. Local File İncluding
  5. Buffer Overflow
  6. Brute-Force Attack
  7. Cookie-Session Posioning
  8. Session Hijacking
  9. Sensitive Information Leaks
  10. Server Misconfiguration
  11. Wall-known latform Vulnerabilities
  12. Form-Hidden Field Manipulation
  13. Parameter Tamper
  14. Remote File İncluding
  15. File Upload

Some Advice for Common Problems

It is extremely important that the WAF used is configured correctly in order to provide security.

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