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CVE-2024-5230 scanner - Information Disclosure vulnerability in FleetCart


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FleetCart is an e-commerce platform used by online retailers to manage their products, customers, and sales. It is commonly employed by small to medium-sized businesses looking to establish an online presence. The platform offers features like inventory management, order processing, and payment gateway integrations. Developed using Laravel, FleetCart is popular for its user-friendly interface and robust functionality. It is utilized globally by businesses to streamline their online sales processes and enhance customer experience.

The Information Disclosure vulnerability in FleetCart version 4.1.1 allows unauthorized access to sensitive information. This issue arises due to improper handling of redirect responses, which exposes data like the "Razorpay" payment gateway key ID. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by accessing certain website pages without proper authorization. The exposed information can be used for malicious activities, compromising the security of the affected e-commerce site.

The vulnerability is located in the redirect responses of the FleetCart application. When accessing specific pages, such as the products query endpoint, sensitive information including the "razorpayKeyId" can be disclosed. This occurs due to insufficient validation and sanitization of the redirect URLs. Attackers can craft URLs to access these endpoints and extract the disclosed information. The vulnerability is triggered when the response contains certain keywords, and the status code is 200.

Exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information, including payment gateway credentials. This can result in financial losses, unauthorized transactions, and compromise of customer data. Additionally, attackers can use the disclosed information to further penetrate the system, leading to potential data breaches. The overall security and trustworthiness of the affected e-commerce platform can be significantly undermined.

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