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CVE-2024-31621 scanner - Unauthenticated Admin Access vulnerability in Flowise


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Flowise is a popular AI-powered workflow automation tool used by businesses and developers to streamline processes and integrate various applications. It is widely used in industries ranging from IT services to marketing for automating repetitive tasks and enhancing productivity. The software allows users to create, manage, and monitor workflows through a user-friendly interface. Flowise integrates with various third-party applications and APIs to offer a seamless automation experience. Its capabilities make it a crucial tool for optimizing business operations and improving efficiency.

The vulnerability allows unauthenticated users to bypass authentication mechanisms and access the admin panel of Flowise. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information and potentially compromise the entire system. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to manipulate workflows, access confidential data, and perform administrative actions without proper authorization. It poses a significant security risk, especially in environments where Flowise is used to manage critical business processes.

The authentication bypass vulnerability is present in Flowise version <= 1.6.5. The vulnerable endpoint is /API/V1/credentials, which can be accessed without proper authentication. Attackers can send a GET request to this endpoint and receive sensitive information such as credential names and updated dates. The vulnerability arises due to improper handling of authentication checks, allowing unauthenticated users to access restricted areas. The flaw can be exploited by anyone with network access to the Flowise instance, making it a critical issue to address.

If exploited, this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access to the admin panel, allowing attackers to view, modify, and delete sensitive data. Malicious actors can manipulate workflows, potentially disrupting business operations and causing significant financial and reputational damage. Unauthorized access could also lead to data breaches, exposing confidential information to external parties. In severe cases, attackers could gain complete control over the Flowise instance, undermining the security of the entire network it is connected to.

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