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CVE-2023-33831 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in FUXA affects v. 1.1.13.


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FUXA is an open-source supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that is widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, energy, and water treatment. It allows users to monitor and control their industrial processes through a web-based user interface. The system is designed to provide real-time data acquisition, historical data storage, alarming, and reporting capabilities to automate and optimize industrial processes.

However, the FUXA SCADA system is vulnerable to a critical remote command execution (RCE) vulnerability with a CVE code of CVE-2023-33831. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary commands on a vulnerable system by sending a specially crafted HTTP POST request to the /api/runscript endpoint. This endpoint is intended to allow users to execute custom scripts on a remote host, but the vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary code without any authentication or authorization.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to serious consequences for industrial processes controlled by the affected SCADA system. Attackers can remotely control industrial equipment, manipulate process values, and cause physical damage to the machinery. This can result in production downtime, equipment damage, product quality issues, and even safety risks to employees.

In conclusion, it is crucial to stay informed of the latest vulnerabilities, such as the CVE-2023-33831 in the FUXA SCADA system to protect your digital assets from possible attacks. By leveraging pro features on, you can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in your digital assets. Stay safe, stay secure!



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