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CVE-2021-37305 Scanner

Detects 'Sensitive Information Disclosure' vulnerability in Jeecg Boot affects versions up to 2.4.5.


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Jeecg Boot is a high-performance, low-code development platform that accelerates the creation and deployment of web and mobile applications. It is designed for enterprise-level use, facilitating rapid development with minimal coding. This platform is widely adopted for its efficiency in developing complex applications, offering a suite of tools for managing databases, business logic, and user interfaces. However, vulnerabilities within such platforms can lead to significant security risks, including unauthorized access and data exposure.

The vulnerability is attributed to inadequate access controls on specific API endpoints, allowing unauthenticated requests to retrieve sensitive user information. An attacker can exploit this by crafting a simple HTTP GET request targeting the vulnerable endpoint, resulting in the exposure of sensitive details without requiring authentication or user interaction.

The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to significant privacy breaches, with attackers gaining access to personal information that could be used for phishing attacks, identity theft, or further unauthorized access to the system. This compromises the integrity of the platform and the security of user data, potentially leading to loss of trust and reputational damage.

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