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Detects 'Authentication Bypass' vulnerability in JetBrains TeamCity affects versions prior to 2023.11.4.


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JetBrains TeamCity is a popular continuous integration and deployment server used by development teams to automate software builds, tests, and deployments. It is widely adopted in software development environments to streamline the release process, manage code quality, and facilitate collaboration among team members.

The Authentication Bypass vulnerability in JetBrains TeamCity before version 2023.11.4 allows attackers to perform limited administrative actions by exploiting a path traversal issue. This security flaw could potentially lead to unauthorized access to sensitive administrative functionalities, compromising the integrity and security of the TeamCity server.

The vulnerability resides in the improper handling of input validation in certain administrative endpoints of JetBrains TeamCity. By manipulating the path parameters in HTTP requests, attackers can bypass authentication mechanisms and gain access to administrative functionalities, such as diagnostic tools. This could lead to unauthorized configuration changes or data exposure.

Exploiting this vulnerability could allow malicious actors to gain unauthorized access to administrative functionalities of the TeamCity server. Attackers could potentially modify build configurations, access sensitive information, or disrupt the continuous integration process, leading to service downtime or data leakage.

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