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Leaked Credentials Checker Detail

We are using our e-mails in social-media, forum sites, applications and many other area. Sometimes one of the website or application leaks information about users which includes your e-mail and password. Even if your passwords are stored using hashing algorithms, atteckers can crack the hash and obtain your raw password.

What is Leaked Credentials Checker?

Leaked credentials checker is a tool that checks your company or website e-mails and passwords have been leaked or not.

What happends if my credentials leaked?

Attackers can obtain your e-mail and passwords and use these credentials to read your company mails, impersonate your personals. Furthermore, if you are using same password for multiple accounts, security breach will be much more higher.

Some Advice for Common Problems

Security Advices

If your account is leaked, change your password to strong one immediately. You can check our blog post for how to choose strong password.

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