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CVE-2024-1210 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in LearnDash LMS plufin for WordPress affects v. before 4.10.2.


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Vulnerability Overview

The LearnDash LMS plugin for WordPress, up to version 4.10.1, exposes sensitive information via an API endpoint. This vulnerability allows unauthenticated users to access quiz details, posing a risk of information leakage.

Vulnerability Details

The vulnerability is present in the /wp-json/ldlms/v1/sfwd-quiz API endpoint, which fails to properly restrict access to quiz information. This scanner probes the endpoint for typical quiz attributes, such as id and quiz_materials, to confirm the presence of this exposure.

Possible Effects

  • Unauthorized access to quiz details.
  • Potential exposure of quiz contents and materials.
  • Risk of compromising quiz integrity and confidentiality.

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