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Detects 'SSRF' vulnerability in MeterSphere affects v. < 2.5.0


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MeterSphere is an all-encompassing open-source platform designed for continuous testing, which includes functionalities for test management, interface testing, UI testing, and performance testing. It is employed by developers and QA engineers to streamline their testing processes, ensuring the delivery of robust and reliable software. The platform is built to support agile and DevOps practices, facilitating collaborative and efficient testing workflows. MeterSphere is particularly valued for its comprehensive approach to testing, providing users with a single solution to manage all aspects of their testing needs.

The identified SSRF vulnerability in MeterSphere versions prior to 2.5.0 allows attackers to send server-side requests to internal systems. This flaw can lead to unauthorized access to internal network resources, as well as enabling the execution of JavaScript code on the victim's browser due to a related reflected XSS vulnerability. This issue highlights the importance of validating and sanitizing all user-supplied input, especially in components that fetch resources based on URLs.

The vulnerability is located in the `IssueProxyResourceService::getMdImageByUrl` function, which fails to properly validate URLs before fetching them. This allows an attacker to construct a request that, when processed by MeterSphere, can access or interact with internal services that are not directly accessible from the internet. Additionally, this SSRF vulnerability is compounded by a reflected XSS issue, allowing for the execution of arbitrary JavaScript in the context of the application's domain.

If exploited, this vulnerability could lead to several security issues including internal network reconnaissance, data exfiltration, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and the potential for broader network compromise. The related XSS vulnerability could be used for phishing attacks, session hijacking, or other client-side exploits.

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