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CVE-2023-30943 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Moodle affects v. from  4.1 to 4.1.2.


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Moodle is an open-source learning management system that is used by educational institutions and businesses of all sizes around the world. It was created to provide a secure, scalable, and customizable platform for online learning, allowing organizations to create and deliver engaging courses, track student progress, and manage their learning activities.

However, Moodle is not immune to security vulnerabilities, and recently, a new CVE-2023-30943 vulnerability has been discovered in the platform. This vulnerability exists because the application allows a user to control the path of the older to create in TinyMCE loaders. This means that a remote user can send a specially crafted HTTP request and create arbitrary folders on the system.

This vulnerability can have severe consequences when exploited. A remote attacker with access to this vulnerability can create arbitrary folders on the system, which can be used as a launching point for other attacks. This can allow attackers to create backdoors, escalate their privileges, and even gain complete control over the system. In the worst-case scenario, this can result in data theft, system crashes, or even a complete system compromise.

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