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OpenBMCS 2.4 Unauthenticated SSRF / RFI Vulnerability Scanner

OpenBMCS 2.4 contains an Unauthenticated SSRF / RFI vulnerability.


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Building Management & Controls System (BMCS). No matter what the size of your business, the OpenBMCS software has the ability to expand to hundreds of controllers. Our product can control and monitor anything from a garage door to a complete campus wide network, with everything you need on board.

Unauthenticated Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) and Remote File Include (RFI) vulnerability exists in OpenBMCS within its functionalities. The application parses user supplied data in the POST parameter 'ip' to query a server IP on port 81 by default. Since no validation is carried out on the parameter, an attacker can specify an external domain and force the application to make an HTTP request to an arbitrary destination host. This can be used by an external attacker for example to bypass firewalls and initiate a service and network enumeration on the internal network through the affected application, allows hijacking the current session of the user, execute cross-site scripting code or changing the look of the page and content modification on current display.

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