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CVE-2024-3400 Scanner

CVE-2024-3400 scanner - OS Command Injection vulnerability in Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS


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Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS is widely used in enterprises to manage and secure network traffic. IT administrators and security professionals deploy this software on firewalls to ensure secure access and protect against threats. GlobalProtect, a feature of PAN-OS, provides VPN capabilities to connect remote users securely. Organizations rely on PAN-OS for comprehensive network security, including threat prevention and secure remote access. The software is crucial for maintaining a secure network perimeter and ensuring authorized access to corporate resources.

The OS Command Injection vulnerability in PAN-OS allows unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands on the firewall. This critical flaw can be exploited remotely, enabling attackers to gain root privileges. The vulnerability affects specific versions and configurations of PAN-OS, making it a significant security risk. Exploitation could lead to complete compromise of the affected system.

The vulnerability exists in the GlobalProtect feature of PAN-OS, particularly in the way it handles certain inputs in HTTP requests. Attackers can craft malicious requests that exploit improper input validation in the /global-protect/portal and /ssl-vpn/hipreport endpoints. By manipulating these inputs, attackers can execute arbitrary commands with root privileges. The vulnerability is present in PAN-OS version 10.2.0, which fails to adequately sanitize user input before processing it.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to complete system compromise, allowing attackers to execute arbitrary commands as root. This could result in unauthorized access to sensitive data, disruption of firewall operations, and further attacks on internal network resources. The impact includes potential data breaches, loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the affected systems.

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