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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Parallels H-Sphere affects v. 3.6.1713.


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Parallels H-Sphere is a multi-server web hosting control panel that allows service providers to manage multiple web hosting accounts for their clients. It is designed to provide a seamless and efficient hosting solution while allowing for easy management of resources and servers. With H-Sphere, service providers can easily create, manage and automate hosting accounts, implement custom pricing and billing plans, and monitor server health and performance.

Recently, a critical vulnerability, CVE-2022-30777, was discovered in Parallels H-Sphere version 3.6.1713. This vulnerability can be exploited using an XSS injection via the index_en.php file. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability by sending a specially crafted URL to the targeted victim that can execute malicious code in the user's browser. This code can then steal sensitive user data, such as login credentials and personal information, and can even take complete control of the victim's server and hosting accounts.

When exploited, the CVE-2022-30777 vulnerability can lead to catastrophic consequences for both service providers and their clients. Attackers can use the vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, steal confidential information, and damage the reputation of the affected service provider. In addition, the vulnerability can compromise the privacy and security of clients' websites and web applications, leading to significant financial and legal consequences.

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