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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in Pretty Url affects versions up to 1.5.4.


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Pretty Url is a WordPress plugin designed to improve SEO and user experience by creating clean and readable URLs. It allows administrators of WordPress websites to customize URL structures, making them more appealing to users and search engines. The plugin is commonly used by web developers, SEO specialists, and website owners to enhance site navigation, improve search engine rankings, and ensure better accessibility of website content. By offering advanced URL customization options, Pretty Url plays a crucial role in optimizing WordPress sites for better performance and visibility online.

The vulnerability in versions of Pretty Url up to 1.5.4 is a stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) issue that stems from inadequate sanitization and escaping of the URL field within the plugin's settings. This oversight allows high-privilege users, such as administrators, to inject arbitrary JavaScript code into the plugin's settings page. Although these users typically have the 'unfiltered_html' capability, the vulnerability is particularly concerning in environments like multisite setups, where this capability is restricted to prevent such abuses.

Specifically, the flaw lies in the plugin's handling of input data for the URL field in its settings. Without proper sanitization and escaping mechanisms in place, attackers with administrative access can embed malicious scripts in the URLs. When these URLs are accessed or interacted with by other users, the injected scripts execute, potentially leading to unauthorized actions being performed under the guise of the victim's session. This vulnerability highlights the importance of stringent input validation practices, especially in plugins that interact with critical site functionalities.

Exploiting this XSS vulnerability could allow attackers to perform a range of malicious activities, including session hijacking, phishing attacks, and the theft of sensitive information. It also poses a risk of defacing the website or spreading malware to visitors. The impact extends beyond the immediate security of the site, potentially damaging its reputation and eroding trust among its users.

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