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Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in rConfig affects v. through 3.9.4.


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rConfig is an open-source network device configuration management tool. It is utilized by administrators to manage and maintain network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. The tool is designed to make complicated and time-consuming tasks simple, for instance, managing configurations, device backups, and deployment of configurations across multiple devices. rConfig delivers a streamlined interface that can reduce configuration management time and minimize the risk of human errors.

Unfortunately, a critical vulnerability has been discovered in rConfig that affects all versions until 3.9.4. The vulnerability is identified as CVE-2020-10220 and is caused by an SQL injection flaw in the searchColumn parameter. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL statements and gain unauthorized access to the system. An attacker can exploit CVE-2020-10220 by injecting malicious SQL code into the system and retrieving sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and network data.

The exploitation of CVE-2020-10220 can lead to serious consequences. The attacker can gain remote access to the network devices or obtain critical data such as network topology maps, system credentials, or configuration data. Moreover, attackers can exploit this vulnerability as the basis for more sophisticated attacks to steal additional data or cause extensive damage. This vulnerability can enable hackers to bypass security measures, gain complete control over the network and even launch a ransomware attack.

In conclusion, the identification of the CVE-2020-10220 vulnerability in rConfig highlights the importance of implementing strong security measures across business-critical software. Having your organization's digital assets assessed for vulnerabilities can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach, which can be a costly and time-consuming process. The pro features of the platform can detect vulnerabilities within your network comprehensively and allow for swift implementation of remediation measures. By trusting in the services of, you can rest assured that your network is consistently and actively protected against vulnerabilities.



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