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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in RealGimm by GruppoSCAI affects v. 1.1.37p38.


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RealGimm by GruppoSCAI is a comprehensive real estate management solution designed to streamline operations for real estate professionals. Developed by GruppoSCAI, a technology company specializing in software solutions, RealGimm offers tools for property listing, client management, and financial tracking, among others. The software version 1.1.37p38, however, has been found vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks. This vulnerability compromises the software's security, potentially affecting real estate agencies and professionals relying on RealGimm for their daily operations. As a crucial tool in the real estate sector, ensuring the security of RealGimm is paramount for protecting sensitive client and property information.

The cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability identified in RealGimm version 1.1.37p38 allows attackers to execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the context of the victim's browser. This vulnerability specifically affects the ErroreNonGestito.aspx component through the improper handling of the VIEWSTATE parameter. Attackers can inject malicious scripts by crafting payloads that, when processed by the server, are reflected back in the page's response. Such vulnerabilities pose significant risks, as they can be exploited to steal session cookies, manipulate web page content, or redirect users to malicious sites.

This XSS vulnerability is exploited via the VIEWSTATE parameter in the ErroreNonGestito.aspx component of RealGimm. Attackers craft HTTP requests that include malicious JavaScript within the VIEWSTATE parameter. When these requests are processed by the RealGimm server, the malicious code is included in the response sent to the user's browser, leading to its execution. The exploitation of this vulnerability demonstrates a critical flaw in the application's input validation and sanitization processes. To effectively exploit this vulnerability, attackers need only to persuade a user to visit a malicious link or page that sends the crafted request to the vulnerable server.

The exploitation of this XSS vulnerability can lead to several adverse outcomes, including identity theft, unauthorized access to user accounts, and data breaches. For businesses utilizing RealGimm, this could result in the compromise of sensitive client information, financial data, and internal communications. Additionally, it could be used to deface the web application, undermining the trust of clients and users. The reputational damage and potential legal implications for businesses could be significant, highlighting the importance of addressing such vulnerabilities promptly.

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