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Rhymix CMS Detection Scanner Detail

You can find Rhymix CMS applications using this tool.

Rhymix is a content management system (CMS) for everyone who wants to create independent homepages to express themselves and build their communities easily and freely. Rhymix is a fork of XpressEngine version 1.8 and is free software that anyone can use for free and participate. Rhymix is a combination of "rhyme" in the sense of "making a poem, adjusting the sound", and "remix" in the sense of "combining, changing". Rhymix cheers everyone who freely creates and/or assembles new things in the Internet space by combining various software and contents.

If attackers detect the technology used, they will try to detect vulnerabilities related to this application.

Some Advice for Common Problems

Only use components that do not have known vulnerabilities, only use components that when combined to not introduce a security vulnerability, and ensure that a misconfiguration does not cause any vulnerabilities.

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