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Detects 'Blind SQL Injection' vulnerability in SEO Panel affects v. 4.8.0.


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SEO Panel is an open-source SEO management software that provides a comprehensive suite of tools for optimizing websites for search engines. It is widely used by webmasters and SEO professionals to track the performance of their websites, analyze search engine rankings, and implement effective SEO strategies. The platform offers features such as keyword ranking, site audits, backlink checks, and analytics, making it a valuable resource for improving website visibility and traffic. SEO Panel is designed to be user-friendly and customizable, enabling users to manage multiple websites efficiently from a single interface.

The vulnerability exists due to insufficient input validation and sanitization of the order_col parameter in the archive.php file. By exploiting this flaw, an attacker can inject SQL commands that are executed by the application's database engine, leading to time delays or other behaviors that indicate the presence of a SQL Injection vulnerability. This issue highlights the importance of properly validating user-supplied inputs to prevent attackers from leveraging SQL Injection vulnerabilities to compromise web applications.

Exploiting this vulnerability could result in unauthorized access to the database, allowing attackers to retrieve sensitive information such as user credentials, SEO strategies, and proprietary data. Additionally, attackers could modify or delete data, disrupt service, and potentially gain administrative access to the SEO Panel software. This could have severe implications for confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the affected system.

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