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CVE-2020-9757 Scanner

Detects 'Server-Side Template Injection' vulnerability in SEOmatic for Craft CMS affects v. before 3.3.0.


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SEOmatic is a component specially designed for those who are looking to enhance their SEO performance and optimization on the Craft CMS platform. This plugin is an all-in-one solution to generate XML sitemaps, optimize metadata, ensure that schemas are correct, and manage structured data. In short, its purpose is to make it easier for developers to optimize their websites by streamlining the SEO process. 

However, there's a vulnerability that was recently discovered in this component known as CVE-2020-9757, which could potentially lead to a server-side template injection attack. This happens when the component is given malformed data, which affects the metacontainers controller, allowing the attacker to execute remote code. 

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to the full compromise of a website's server, which can give hackers the opportunity to transfer, modify, or delete sensitive data. Moreover, this type of attack can spread to all devices or networks connected to the affected server, making it easier for hackers to steal more valuable information. This can severely affect the reputation and integrity of a company and can lead to the legal and financial implications. 

Finally, those who are concerned about the security of their digital assets can easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities by using the pro features of the platform. With the comprehensive vulnerability scanning tool and timely reports, developers can stay one step ahead of potential cyber threats and ensure that their websites are well protected at all times, preventing damages from malicious attacks.



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