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CVE-2021-40969 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (Reflected)' vulnerability in Spotweb affects versions up to 1.5.1.


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Spotweb is a decentralized Usenet indexing application that allows users to browse, search, and index content from Usenet groups. It serves as an alternative to traditional Usenet indexing services, offering a self-hosted solution for communities or individuals. Spotweb is built with a focus on privacy and control over one's data, enabling users to set up their own Spotweb instance for personal use or within a closed group. The application is widely used among tech enthusiasts and privacy-conscious users for aggregating and accessing Usenet content. The vulnerability in versions up to 1.5.1 exposes users to XSS attacks, undermining the application's security posture.

This XSS vulnerability specifically targets the installation process of Spotweb, making it a critical issue during the setup phase of the application. By manipulating the 'firstname' input field with a specially crafted payload, an attacker can execute JavaScript code in the victim's browser. The vulnerability demonstrates the importance of input validation and output encoding in web applications to prevent malicious data from being rendered as part of the HTML or executed as script in the user's browser. The exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to various malicious activities, including session hijacking and personal data theft.

Exploiting this reflected XSS vulnerability in Spotweb could lead to unauthorized actions being performed on behalf of the victim, theft of session tokens or sensitive information, and manipulation of the content presented to the user. The impact of such attacks can range from mild inconvenience to significant privacy and security breaches, depending on the attacker's intentions and the context of the application's use.

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