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CVE-2015-5471 Scanner

Detects 'Absolute Path Traversal' vulnerability in Swim Team plugin for WordPress affects v. 1.44.10777.


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The Swim Team plugin for WordPress is a popular tool used to manage and organize swim team activities. This plugin allows athletes, coaches, and team administrators to view their schedules, meet results, and rankings conveniently all in one place. Swim Team plugin is easy to install and use while providing detailed reports and stats related to swim team activities.

Unfortunately, the Swim Team plugin's popularity has also made it an attractive target for cybercriminals. One of the vulnerabilities discovered is CVE-2015-5471, which is a path traversal issue present in the plugin's include/user/download.php file. This vulnerability allows remote hackers to read files outside of the website's root directory by providing a file path in the file parameter.

When exploited, this vulnerability gives attackers unauthorized access to sensitive data and files within the website. Depending on the files accessed, the result can be devastating for the website owner, such as loss of sensitive data, alteration or removal of the website content, or the complete takeover of the website.

In conclusion, website owners need to prioritize their website's security to avoid the exposure of sensitive data to hackers. Security breaches can cause a lot of damage, which is why it’s critical to take precautions to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited. Thanks to the pro features of the platform, web admins can efficiently and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets and stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. Protecting digital assets from cyber-attacks is a continuous and challenging process, but with the right tools, it is possible to minimize the risks.