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Detects 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability in TimeKeeper by FSMLabs affects v. 8.0.17 through 8.0.28


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TimeKeeper by FSMLabs is a sophisticated time synchronization software used across various industries to ensure accurate and precise timekeeping within networks. It is critical for sectors like finance, telecommunications, and defense, where precise time is a necessity for operations and regulatory compliance. TimeKeeper provides a reliable solution for managing and distributing time across complex IT infrastructures, ensuring all networked devices are synchronized to the same time source. Its advanced features support a wide range of time protocols and hardware clocks, making it a versatile tool for any organization's time management needs.

The Remote Code Execution vulnerability identified in TimeKeeper versions 8.0.17 through 8.0.28 poses a significant security risk. By manipulating the getsamplebacklog call and modifying specific URL parameters, attackers can inject Bash code that the server will execute. This flaw allows unauthorized execution of arbitrary code on the server, giving attackers the potential to compromise the server, access sensitive information, or disrupt time synchronization services.

Specifically, the vulnerability lies in the handling of the arg[2] parameter within the getsamplebacklog call. Attackers can alter this parameter to include Bash code, which is then executed by the server without any validation or sanitization. This flaw demonstrates a critical oversight in input validation within TimeKeeper's web interface, allowing attackers to exploit the server's functionality for malicious purposes. The vulnerability's technical mechanics underline the importance of rigorous input validation and the potential consequences of its absence.

Exploiting this vulnerability could lead to complete server compromise, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and disruption of critical time synchronization services. In industries where precise timekeeping is vital, such an attack could have severe operational consequences, including financial loss, compromised security, and regulatory non-compliance. The impact of this vulnerability highlights the critical nature of securing networked services against remote code execution attacks.

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