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Detects 'Clickjacking' vulnerability in unilogies/bumsys affects v. <v2.0.2


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unilogies/bumsys is a software solution designed to manage various business and administrative processes within organizations. This platform is typically used by businesses looking to streamline their operations, enhance data management, and improve overall efficiency. It offers features such as inventory management, employee records, scheduling, and other critical business functions. The software is developed by unilogies, a provider of business management solutions. The vulnerability affects versions prior to v2.0.2, posing a security risk to businesses relying on this software for their operations.

CVE-2023-1362 identifies a Clickjacking vulnerability in unilogies/bumsys versions prior to v2.0.2. This security flaw occurs when the application fails to implement adequate measures to prevent users' clicks on a webpage from being hijacked. As a result, attackers can trick users into performing unintended actions by overlaying hidden frames or UI elements on a legitimate webpage, leading to potential misuse of the application's functionalities.

The absence of clickjacking prevention headers such as X-Frame-Options in the HTTP response from the server indicates this vulnerability. Without these headers, attackers can embed the vulnerable application's pages within iframes on malicious websites. This setup enables attackers to deceive users into interacting with the application in a manner they did not intend, such as submitting forms, changing settings, or even initiating actions with administrative consequences.

Exploitation of the Clickjacking vulnerability could lead to unauthorized actions being performed on behalf of the user, data theft, or manipulation of application settings. Users might unknowingly grant attackers access to sensitive information or inadvertently change critical configurations, thereby compromising the security and integrity of the business operations managed through unilogies/bumsys.

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