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Vista Web Login Panel Scanner

This scanner is designed to detect the Vista Web login panel, which is part of the Vista Web solutions provided by RESA. These solutions are widely used in airport operations and billing services, highlighting the importance of securing such critical infrastructure components.


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Vulnerability Overview

The detection of a Vista Web login panel indicates the usage of RESA's Vista Web solutions. While finding this panel isn't inherently a security flaw, unauthorized access to such a panel could pose significant risks, including unauthorized access to sensitive operational data and systems.

Vulnerability Details

The Vista Web login panel serves as an entry point to RESA's Vista Web platform, which is employed for various operational and billing functions within the aviation industry. The presence of specific HTML elements and paths (e.g., /lib/@resa/identityserver/ and references to in the page source code are indicative of the Vista Web login panel.

Possible Effects

Unauthorized access to the Vista Web panel could lead to the compromise of critical operational information, financial data, and potentially, disruption of airport operations. It's crucial to ensure that this panel is adequately secured against unauthorized access attempts.

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