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CVE-2024-27956 scanner - SQL Injection vulnerability in WordPress Automatic Plugin


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WordPress Automatic Plugin is widely used in websites to automatically post content from various sources. It is popular among bloggers, marketers, and content creators for its automation capabilities. The plugin fetches articles, videos, and other content types from RSS feeds, social media, and other web sources. The ease of use and rich feature set make it a preferred choice for users looking to streamline their content management. However, vulnerabilities in such plugins can pose significant security risks.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in the WordPress Automatic Plugin allows attackers to manipulate SQL queries. This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive information in the database. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability without authentication. It poses a critical threat to the security of websites using the vulnerable versions of the plugin.

The vulnerability exists due to insufficient escaping of user-supplied parameters and lack of proper preparation of SQL queries. Specifically, the vulnerable endpoint is located in the csv.php file within the plugin's inc directory. An attacker can exploit this by sending crafted SQL queries through the q parameter in a POST request. Successful exploitation can result in unauthorized data extraction and potential database manipulation.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to severe consequences, including unauthorized access to confidential information. Attackers may extract sensitive data such as user credentials, financial records, and other personal information stored in the database. Additionally, the integrity of the database could be compromised, leading to data manipulation or deletion. This can disrupt website functionality and harm the organization's reputation.

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