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CVE-2024-2879 scanner - SQL Injection vulnerability in WordPress Plugin LayerSlider


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LayerSlider is a popular plugin used in WordPress for creating responsive sliders, image galleries, and animated content. It is widely used by website developers and designers to enhance the visual appeal of websites. The plugin is known for its ease of use and rich features, making it a preferred choice among WordPress users. It is often employed in business, personal, and portfolio websites to display content interactively. The plugin's versatility and extensive customization options contribute to its widespread adoption.

The LayerSlider plugin for WordPress contains a SQL Injection vulnerability. This issue arises due to insufficient escaping and lack of preparation on user-supplied parameters in the ls_get_popup_markup action. An attacker can exploit this flaw to inject malicious SQL queries. This could allow unauthorized access to sensitive information from the database. The vulnerability affects versions 7.9.11 and 7.10.0 of the plugin.

The SQL Injection vulnerability in the LayerSlider plugin is found in the ls_get_popup_markup action. This endpoint fails to properly escape user-supplied input and does not adequately prepare SQL queries. Specifically, the id[where] parameter can be manipulated to append additional SQL queries. When exploited, this flaw allows attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands, which can be used to extract sensitive information from the database. The vulnerability does not require authentication, making it particularly dangerous.

Exploiting this SQL Injection vulnerability can have severe consequences. Attackers could gain unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in the database, such as user credentials and personal data. This can lead to data breaches and compromise the security of the affected websites. Additionally, the vulnerability can be used to manipulate or delete data, disrupt website functionality, and potentially execute further attacks on the web server. The lack of authentication required to exploit this issue amplifies its potential impact.

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