Penetration testing, also called pen testing or security tests, are attack simulations performed by cybersecurity experts to understand the vulnerabilities and risks of information systems.

What are the common security attacks?

Hackers are making many attacks automatically. Malicious people target the entire internet, trying to capture email accounts, unauthorized access to websites, steal or corrupt data, and gain profit by various methods. It's their daily job.

How to protect an information system?

One of the most effective and efficient ways to protect your system against security vulnerabilities is regularly checking the IT infrastructure. The system owner can check the weaknesses of your the system continuously, asking the following questions:

  • Does the systems up to date,
  • is there any known vulnerability that affects the system,
  • are there any email credentials or any other information related to the business in the dark markets,
  • what are potential risks
  • and more.

The most effective way of protecting an information system is to perform penetration testing with a security expert team's help.

Why Penetration Test?

Working with real hackers (white hat cybersecurity experts) to check the system's weaknesses is the best way to ensure that you are ready for the actual attacks called penetration testing, or a pen test. It includes many controls that cannot be done with automatic tools. As a result, a detailed report is prepared for you to see what attackers can do and how.

We are living in a world where software and information systems are frequently updated. Every day, new ideas and new applications come into life. The increased number of services and users of these services at the same time also increases information security risks. Penetration tests worldwide are standing out to correctly manage the increasing threats and minimize the possible information security breaches.

Why do I need a Penetration Test?

In the first place, what could be better than making sure that you're safe? Let's list a few fundamental reasons why you should have a pentest:


You'll need pentest; if your company is subjected to regulations such as ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS, you need to use a penetration test service. With these globally accepted standards, you can be sure to have the correct process management and a secure information system.

Data Breach

You'll need pentest if there is a potential customer loss in case of a data breach. You cannot undo some mistakes. No customer wants to use a compromised (hacked) system. None of your users or customers will be happy about personal data loss because of you. Today, many countries mark data processor and data holder as the responsible party with laws on personal data protection.


You'll need pentest if you have doubts about your application's vulnerability. You can calculate the level of damage you might face, thanks to pentest. According to a study made by the University of Maryland, a cyberattack occurs every 39 seconds on average, affecting one in three Americans every year.


You'll need pentest if you are planning to invest in the security of your organization. Cybersecurity related products might have a considerable cost. Penetration tests can detect your most vulnerable areas and help you determine the most accurate method to minimize the risk and the price.

Managing Changes

You'll need a penetration test if your application (either website or mobile application) had received a major update, and you are curious about its security. One of the most critical steps in managing the change process is penetration testing. Implementing the change without controlling the security weaknesses (vulnerabilities) may produce undesirable results.


You'll need pentest if you regularly see suspicious operations on your system, such as prolonged systems, blacklisting your IP, domain, or email, or losing your rank in the search engines. In addition to investigating this situation, having penetration tests will be beneficial.


You'll need pentest if you are curious about your scope and how an attacker can attack. Let's say you want to learn about the fingerprints left on the internet by your company or your employees. Security tests can help you identify all the attack vectors, especially if you have a rapidly growing information system.

Security for Everyone - Why choose our Pentesting Service?

  1. We are conducting professional penetration tests for more than ten years.
  2. For us, the best investment for a company is the one made for people. So, our team has the certificates which are widely accepted by the information security industry. To learn more about our culture, please visit our blog 'Hello World: We Have An Idea'.
  3. Our team is determining the most suitable test methods and applies these tests for you.
  4. We follow the most important methodologies like OWASP Testing Guide, the Penetration Testing Execution Standard, and OSSTMM accepted by the industry. We check your scope for all up-to-date vulnerabilities. After sending your pentest report, we provide a free re-test service and recommendations.
  5. We use threat intelligence services and obtain leaked password lists from Pastebin, GitHub, Reddit, and tens of other sources.

Type of Pentest or Pentesting Tests

Web Application Pentest

If you have a web application, we can help you with security tests. We are here to help you with actionable solutions advice. We use both paid and free vulnerability scanning tools. To learn more, please visit our web application penetration testing page.

Mobile Application Pentest

We have deep expertise in mobile application and API security testing. We want to help you to understand all possible risks and to make your application safer. To learn more, please visit our mobile application penetration testing.

IoT Pentest

We can conduct firmware analysis, IoT web application tests, product hardening recommendations with IoT security tests. We are happy to transfer our experience and know-how to you. To learn more, please visit our IoT device penetration testing service service page.

Network Penetration Test

We can perform pentest with our specialists in the system and network security. If you want to benefit from our expertise and security test service for your IT infrastructure that is not open to the internet, please get in touch to discuss access methods. To learn more, please visit our network and system penetration testing service page.

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