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Developer: Saving Ryan

Ryan is a software developer who creates websites and mobile applications for his company's customers. He needs to quickly and efficiently build applications, but he also needs to make sure their codes do not create a vulnerability.

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Startup: Helping Steve

Steve is a startup owner who needs to build his website, mobile app, or other digital services quickly and efficiently. He focuses on adding new features, which often causes the development team to overlook or forget about cyber security.

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SMB: Protecting Bill

Bill owns a company that makes or has websites, mobile apps, and other digital services. He knows that there have been more attacks on small businesses recently, and he wants to protect his business. This way he can avoid data breaches, loss of reputation, service interruptions, and monetary penalties from the government.

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Enterprise: Services for Warren

Warren is the IT Director of a large enterprise. He needs to ensure that all its applications and services are secure and compliant with industry standards. He wants something that automates the security process, provides comprehensive analysis and reports, and offers actionable solutions for any vulnerabilities found.

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