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Success Stories For Startups: Helping Steve

Steve is a startup owner who needs to build his website, mobile app, or other digital services quickly and efficiently.

He focuses on adding new features, which often causes the development team to overlook or forget about cyber security.

Steve needs a solution that is easy to use and can help him secure his services quickly.

Steve, like many other startup founders, has a finite budget that he wants to allocate toward development, hr, and marketing.

He also wants an efficient way to find and track vulnerabilities, as well as ways to patch any existing weaknesses before they become an issue.

He was looking for an automated and continuous security checker that would be effortless to use, require no manual process, provide a historical report, and has advanced solution advice.

Therefore Steve is using Professional Cyber Security

Therefore, Steve is using professional cyber security which checks for vulnerabilities 24/7 and sends alerts to Steve whenever there is a potential issue. This way, he can take action to mitigate any risks.

The continuous security feature provided fast, easy-to-use, low-cost cyber security, automated scans, and historical report for Steve. Thus, he prevented many attacks and avoided financial penalties and loss of reputation.

He now trusts that his company is secure and can focus on the core business itself.

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