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Protect Your Digital Assets with Our Cyber Security Platform

We're making cyber security accessible to all. Take control of your security posture with our comprehensive cyber security platform.

Identify Vulnerabilities

Our scanning engine helps find weaknesses in your internet-faced assets.

No Need Expertise

Free and user-friendly platform to ensure that it is accessible to everyone.

Maximize Your Cyber Security Budget

Protect your business from cyber threats without spending a fortune.

Get Help For Fixing Vulnerabilities

Talk with our expert team to find solutions to fix vulnerabilities.

Transform Your Cyber Security Strategy

Identify and address vulnerabilities, stay compliant, and build cyber resilience with ease.

Scan Types
Best Suits Your Needs

Continuous Security Scans

Our platform offers continuous scanning of your assets, keeping you one step ahead of threats. Plus, receive automated alerts when vulnerabilities are detected. So you do not have to monitor and trigger any scan manually for any changes on your apps or newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Single Scans

You can initiate a single scan for a specific input in your app. Choose one scan from over 2500 scans and use it for one URL, IP, or domain for your app. Always free and always accessible for everyone.

Light Scan

Light scans make a fast but limited check of your assets. Even if it gives you quick results do not forget to do a full scan in order to get the complete results.

Full Scan

Full scan check for all known issues, making sure you have a comprehensive view of your assets. It's a manual operation and you need to trigger it regularly.

Crawl Only

Crawl only use our AI-powered web crawlers to scan your web pages and find any user input. It helps identify the visible URLs as well as the input fields of your application.

Security Software

AI-Powered Crawler
Effortlessly Identify Attack Vectors in the Web App

Manage Your URLs

Our crawler finds any URLs with both using links in your webpages and fuzzing to directories.

Ultra Fast

Our crawler is incredibly fast thanks to AI algorithms, which means it can be used continually.

Finds Attack Vector

Our crawler helps you find any user input (attack vector) in any webpages to be scanned for any vulnerabilities.

Power of Open Source

We use open-source projects that are used for security testing. It helps us add a newly published security check in just a few hours.

Also, we support and sponsor open-source projects and are dedicated to creating open-source security projects. We believe in collaboration for a safer digital environment.

Enhanced Security Collaboration: Security Report Service

White hat security researchers worldwide can submit vulnerability reports for your website from the auto-generated reporting page. It allows for a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential security weaknesses.

Approve the reports of cyber security researchers and have them included in the auto-generated hall-of-fame page.

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Gain Insights Into Cyber Security

Through the "Awareness" feature, our members gain insights into basic of cyber security and recommended security practices. By understanding these up-to-date threats users can adopt proactive measures. Knowledge of security reduces the likelihood of falling victim to cyber threats.


The quizzes in our "Awareness" feature offer users the opportunity to assess their cybersecurity knowledge and identify areas for improvement. By engaging with the questions, users can gauge their understanding of various security concepts, identify any knowledge gaps, and focus on enhancing their knowledge in specific areas.

Security Bulletin

The security bulletins provided through our "Awareness" feature keep our members informed about the evolving threat landscape. By regularly receiving these bulletins, members gain valuable insights into emerging threats, new vulnerabilities, and industry trends. This allows users to stay ahead of potential risks and adapt their security practices accordingly.

Success Stories

From Vulnerable to Secure: Our Success Stories

Explore the stories of businesses and individuals who have used our platform to stay ahead of cyber threats.

Developer: Saving Ryan

Ryan is a software developer who creates websites and mobile applications for his company's customers. He needs to quickly and efficiently build applications, but he also needs to make sure their codes do not create a vulnerability.

Startup: Helping Steve

Steve is a startup owner who needs to build his website, mobile app, or other digital services quickly and efficiently. He focuses on adding new features, which often causes the development team to overlook or forget about cyber security.

SMB: Protecting Bill

Bill owns a company that makes or has websites, mobile apps, and other digital services. He knows that there have been more attacks on small businesses recently, and he wants to protect his business. This way he can avoid data breaches, loss of reputation, service interruptions, and monetary penalties from the government.

Enterprise: Services for Warren

Warren is the IT Director of a large enterprise. He needs to ensure that all its applications and services are secure and compliant with industry standards. He wants something that automates the security process, provides comprehensive analysis and reports, and offers actionable solutions for any vulnerabilities found.


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