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Full Scan

Offers complete security assessment of your web application. By starting a full scan manually you can stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities that may exist. The full scan gives you all the details and information you need to know about keeping your security strong. It will help you make sure that your digital world is safe and secure, giving you peace of mind.
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Key Features

Full check

Gain a comprehensive security assessment, analyzing all known vulnerabilities and providing complete peace of mind for your digital assets' protection.

Easy to use

User-friendly makes cyber security effortless for users of all skill levels. Simplified processes and clear instructions ensure a seamless experience.

Advanced reporting

Advanced reports with actionable insights, providing a comprehensive view of your security posture. Detailed reports equip you with remediation steps.

The full scan feature looks for all the weak spots in your system. It will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. Our technology helps protect your data from danger. This way, you know that your information is safe and secure.

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It will tell you what is wrong and how to fix it

Simple instructions and processes

Our app has simple instructions and processes, so it is easy to do, even if you are not an expert. You can start scans and find out useful security information easily. The information in the report will tell you exactly what to do so that you can feel confident about protecting your digital stuff.

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The Continuous Scan is a smarter and more efficient way to keep your security up-to-date. It will keep monitoring and alerting you without you needing to do anything. Automated and scheduled scans monitor your system in real-time, making this an easier way to stay secure.

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Other Type of Scans

Continuous Scan

Continuous security scans provide real-time monitoring and automated alerts for detected vulnerabilities on your assets. By utilizing this feature, you can proactively address potential threats without the need to manually initiate scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes.

Single Scan

Our members can initiate a single scan for a specific input in their application. With over 2500 scans to choose from, they can use this option for one URL, IP, or domain of their app. This scan category is always accessible and free for everyone.

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