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Success Stories For Developers: Saving Ryan

Ryan is a software developer who creates websites and mobile applications for his company's customers.

He needs to quickly and efficiently build applications, but he also needs to make sure their codes do not create a vulnerability.

Ryan has general knowledge about vulnerabilities and can easily understand OWASP's top 10 web vulnerabilities. Also, he can manage or easily learn to start manual security scans for each page or endpoint he develops.

He wants something that requires little effort on his part, but still needs comprehensive security checks and reports.

Therefore Ryan is using Professional Cyber Security

Therefore, Ryan is using professional cyber security which helps him to start unlimited manual scans and full security checks for him. With this product, he can quickly catch any potential vulnerabilities in his code before it goes live.

This way, Ryan can focus on development and not worry about security. The product also provides him with detailed reports with actionable solution advice so he can easily identify any potential issues and fix them in his application.

He now trusts that his projects are secure and can confidently deliver them to customers without worrying about system vulnerabilities or data breaches.

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