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Cyber Security For Everyone

Discover Vulnerabilities, Achieve Compliance, and Secure Your Business Online with Just a Few Clicks

Our platform offers cyber security services for everyone. We created an easy-to-use, affordable and manageable cyber security platform with the belief that cyber security is a human right.

3 Different Features
For a Security Platform


With the power of AI algorithms, we can make some critical decisions about scans to consume less hardware power and time, allowing us to offer affordable services.

Continuous Security

Our professional package offers continuous (7/24) security checks, even newly published vulnerabilities added to our platform by our team. There is no need to trigger any scans by you to detect threats.

Use Open Source

We both use and support open-source software. Thousands of security experts use these software and developed by great communities.

Inspiring Success Stories

Discover the potential of cyber security platforms. We created some inspiring success stories that show our platform usage for developers, startups, SME, and enterprises.

See how you can use our services to find any vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and information related to your website.

success stories
One-Click Cyber Security Solution

Free and Online Cyber Security with One Click

Our cyber security platform offers 2500+ vulnerability and information checks for free with 8 categories which are DNS Controls, SSL Controls, Misconfiguration, Network Vulnerabilities, Web Vulnerabilities, Information Scans, Product Based Web Vulnerabilities, Product Based Network Vulnerabilities. With our standard plan, you can check any vulnerabilities for an IP, Domain, or any HTTP GET or POST parameter for free.

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Choose the perfect plan for your needs.

cyber security services for everyone one. Free security tools, continuous vulnerability scanning and many more.
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