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Success Stories For SMBs: Protecting Bill

Bill owns a company that makes or has websites, mobile apps, and other digital services.

He knows that there have been more attacks on small businesses recently, and he wants to protect his business. This way he can avoid data breaches, loss of reputation, service interruptions, and monetary penalties from the government.

He has limited resources and budget, making it difficult to invest in costly security solutions.

Bill needs to focus on his main work and does not have much time to do a manual operations to have security. He needs an easy-to-use solution.

With a limited understanding of cyber security, he needs an uncomplicated solution.

Security reports are beneficial for any compliance procedure and can be shared with developer teams to fix any issues.

Therefore Bill is using Professional Cyber Security

Therefore, Bill is using professional cyber security that checks for vulnerabilities 24/7 and sends alerts to Bill whenever there is a potential issue. This way, he can take action to mitigate any risks.

The continuous security scanning provided fast, easy-to-understand, and low-cost cyber security for Bill. Thus, he prevented many attacks and avoided financial penalties and loss of reputation.

He can now trust that his company is secure and focus on the core business itself.

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