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Continuous Security Scans

Offers continuous scanning of your assets, providing real-time monitoring and automated alerts when vulnerabilities are detected. By using this feature, you can stay ahead of potential threats without having to manually trigger scans for changes or newly discovered vulnerabilities.
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Key Features

Hands-free security

Experience hassle-free security assessments with our automated scans—no manual intervention required. Stay protected without lifting a finger.

Automated alerts

Receive real-time alerts as our system detects security issues. Proactive notifications keep you informed and ahead of potential threats.

Compliance monitoring

Achieve and maintain compliance effortlessly. Our platform ensures continuous monitoring and adherence to industry regulations within a single app.

Threat detection

Automated scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities. Identify and address vulnerabilities before they become major risks.

Continuous Security Scans help protect your digital assets automatically. It checks for weaknesses and tells you how to fix it. With automated monitoring and real-time alerts, you can detect vulnerabilities swiftly and efficiently, allowing you to stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

Automated monitoring and real-time alerts

Actionable reports with remediation steps

At our cyber security platform, our Continuous Security Scans offer seamless protection for your digital assets. As a paid member, simply register your assets, and our automated scanning system takes over. It continuously monitors your assets, identifying vulnerabilities in real-time and generating actionable reports with prioritized remediation steps.

Other Type of Scans

Full Scan

This manual process checks for all known security weaknesses. With just a few clicks you can check up-to-date overview of your applications security status.

Single Scan

Our members can initiate a single scan for a specific input in their application. With over 2500 scans to choose from, they can use this option for one URL, IP, or domain of their app. This scan category is always accessible and free for everyone.

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