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Light Scan

Limited, Yet Effective: fast and informative vulnerability assessment

What is light scan?

Our light scan offers a fast and time-conscious approach to vulnerability assessment, allowing you to identify critical issues swiftly. As a free service, it provides an efficient check for your digital assets. Please note that while it employs a crawler to scan your web pages and find user inputs, the light scan does not perform a full security assessment for the founded URLs. As a result, it may not check for all vulnerabilities. While the scan delivers quick results, we recommend complementing it with a full scan for a comprehensive view of your assets' security. With the light scan, you can efficiently prioritize remediation efforts and bolster your cyber defenses without compromising on speed.

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How To Use


Register to our platform in a few seconds.

Verify Ownership

Verify that you have authority to start a light scan for target.

Start Light Scan

Start a light scan from scan section.

Other Type of Scans

Full Scan

This manual process checks for all known security weaknesses. With just a few click you ca check up-to-date overview of your applications security status.

Continuous Scan

Continuous security scans provide real-time monitoring and automated alerts for detected vulnerabilities on your assets. By utilizing this feature, you can proactively address potential threats without the need to manually initiate scans for newly discovered vulnerabilities or changes.

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